LLG MEdia Products and SErvices


LLG Media produces and manages content for the following brand channels:

1111 Meditation Grid

Free guided meditations conducted LIVE on Facebook. Lightworkers unite LIVE for Mass Meditation Grid to shift our planet into 5D oneness and Christ consciousness.

Zouk World

Curated videos of the best Zouk dance videos, interviews, event calendar, online courses, ticket sales, and on-demand printing clothing line.

Sunset Meditation

Guided meditation videos recorded during sunsets while sun gazing in exotic luxury resorts and retreat centers located in energy vortex centers on Earth.

Journey of the Climb

Podcast of the unscripted journey of an ADHD wannabe serial entrepreneur, discovering her Indigo Lightworker abilities and traveling the world visiting exotic energy vortex centers of Earth. Journey of the Climb is a fun documentary series of the struggles, the insights, the lessons, and the victories being experienced while building multiple brands and an online business empire with a mission to expand human consciousness.

Topics Includes

Mindfulness Practices – Wellness & Conscious Living – Technology Tips – Productivity & Bio Hacks – Spiritual, Metaphysical & Philosophical Insights – Branding and Marketing Strategies


Lifestyle Brand sharing content on Health, Wellness, Travel, Mindful Lifestyle, Sustainability, BioHacking, Physiology, Psychology, Ancient Wisdom. My life videos and photos of me cooking, creating, backstage, behind the scenes, vlogs, lives, blog. Sharing info on www.liveloveandgrow.com

Spirit of Dance

Dance videos of me dancing and moving my body in a fusion of ballet, iYoga, ballroom, tai chi, and healing mudras to different classic songs recorded, binaural beats and voicing the flow with a variety of backgrounds and locations.

Dance World TV

Dance videos of the silhouette of famous dancers moving the body to different rhythms recorded during sunsets while sun gazing in exotic luxury resorts and retreat centers located in energy vortex center on Earth with a crystal, stones and flower grid floors and sacred geometry 4d in front of it or live size.




Poetry and private coaching for heartbroken empaths who are healing from a narcissistic relationship.



Ouse Sonhar (Dare to Dream)

This is a lifestyle and inspirational brand sharing quotes and inspirational messages and images for the Brazilian community. Once products from Awareness Anthology are successfully sold in the English speaking market, it can be translated into Portuguese and sold to this community.