Beyong Paradise Production

Event Production Company administering events and Mindset, Spiritual & Wellness Retreats in exotic luxury resorts and venues located in all energy vortex centers on Earth.

Some of the events include:

Sunset Meditations Gatherings

Sungazing guided group meditations

Licensed to Shine Retreats

Quantum Power Rituals Training, Hatshepsut Yoga, Digital Biz Coaching, Situated Dance Meditation, Vegan Recipes Training, Guided Sunset Sungazing, Detox & Fasting, Cacao Ceremony, Ecstatic Dance.
Bali Retreat at Nyx.

Buzios Beyond Paradise Festival

Events for entrepreneurs, eco-warrior, visionaries, trendsetters, tech-savvies to connect, party, and learn about significant environmental philanthropic organizations and sustainable endeavors that restore and protect our planet and our health.