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My name is

Daniela Goulart

I am a visionary, a futurist, an innovator, a creator, a builder of ideas and solutions. I am also an artist who chooses to express my art through poetry, photography, dance, and design. Throughout my journey, I discovered that my purpose and mission is not to be a dancer or photographer, as I once thought. I discovered that what truly moves my soul is my passion for Life Mastery.

The continuous pursuit for self-mastery, together with my determination and enthusiasm to help people to grow and excel, incite me to create a business and social network environment where people are inspired every day to become their best selves, expand their awareness, set new standards, find their true potential, become a creative leader and design an abundant life experience.


Therefore, I am founding 8 Ventures Inc, a high conscious corporation composed of 8 companies. 7 for-profits and 1 non-profit.

The goal and vision of 8 Ventures Inc are to be an example, an inspiration, and a catalyst in the development of conscious & prosperous entrepreneurship.

An organization that values love, joy, passion, fun & strives to develop & empower our community.

 We provide people with the tools, the environment, and the experiences to become New Earth Leaders, a legion of warriors committed to the upliftment of humanity. 

We partner with heart-centered entrepreneurs and investors to create more than just a better life for humanity and for our dear home, planet Earth. We are committed to creating an abundant & magical life… because “better” is not good enough for us.  😉


Each of the 8 ventures was co-created with Daniela while in a flow state of alignment with the 5th dimension reality where the higher mind is able to download creative genius energy that is translated into powerful projects with a unique and specific agenda: 

to awaken the light within humanity, through love, creativity, innovation, and fun!

Our mission as a New Earth Corporation is to be a catalyst for the expansion of humanity.

Who are we looking to align with to bring the vision of 8 Ventures Inc to Physical reality?

We are accepting applications for Angel Investors and Visionaries interested in co-creating The New Earth Heaven right here and right now. We are looking for the bold, the audacious, the crazy ones… those that believe in the impossible, those that believe that the only way to create the future dream reality we see in our minds, is to start right now!

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